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Secure Your Backup Safety from Cybercriminals


Are your backups safe from cybercriminals? Backups are crucial for protecting your data against ransomware and other threats. However, attackers are becoming increasingly savvy and will exploit any gaps in your backup strategy.

Attackers can exploit network access to encrypt, turn off, or delete network-connected backups. Remote access is also risky due to stolen credentials or weak passwords, but granting too many people access increases the risk, too, with each individual representing a potential entry point. Infrequent or untested backups can also lead to data loss, making it crucial to test them regularly.

And that’s what our IT solutions in Moreno Valley, California,are here for. We help improve your backup safety through healthy IT practices, such as regularly testing your backups and determining the optimal backup timing for your business.

With our reliable IT services management, we can recommend other options to secure your backup data. You can keep one backup off-site, isolated from your network, and encrypted for extra protection. We can also implement the 3-2-1 backup rule or store three copies of data on different media.

Backing up everything is a good backup data and disaster recovery strategy. It doesn’t just protect against ransomware; it also guards against data loss from hardware or software failure or human error. Ensuring the reliability of your backup strategy is crucial, and we can assist you in securing backups to simplify file retrieval and resume operations in the event of a disaster.

If you are looking for managed IT services in Riverside, California, get in touch with us! At Advise IT Solutions, we’re eager to help organizations secure backups, data, and networks to ensure business continuity.

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