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  • Cybersecurity in Health Care

    Healthcare Industry Can Lower Cybersecurity Risks

    Bad actors continue to actively attack healthcare cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and keeping motivated hackers at bay is complicated. This industry holds a treasure trove of valuable data, plus, healthcare providers are now using more internet-connected devices than ever before.

    Cybersecurity in healthcare is about more than complying with industry regulations: it can mean the difference between life and death. The industry needs to remain vigilant. The ebook How to Lower Cybersecurity Risks in Healthcare will help.


    • why healthcare cybersecurity is growing more complicated
    • the five best practices for securing healthcare providers
    • how partnering with a managed service provider can help


  • Break-Fix vs. Managed Services: Why Smart Business Owners are Changing their Approach to IT

    Break-Fix vs. Managed Services: Why Smart Business Owners are Changing their Approach to IT

    Many businesses only call a technician after something breaks, but this is the most expensive way to manage your IT. Download our FREE eBook about how to Managed Services can:

    • Reduce business downtime
    • Reduce the chances of major data loss
    • Save you money


  • 7 Strategies to Secure Work form Home

    Reduce the Risks of Work from Home!

    Your Business takes cybersecurity seriously. But securing work from home is more challenging
    Download 7 Strategies to Secure Work from Home to address pitfalls including users:

    • Working in devices without protections installed
    • Connection on unsecured wireless networks
    • Using outdated operating systems
    • Failing to backup securely
    • Sharing files externally
    • Blurring the lines between personal and professional use

    Tackle top problems easily to reduct the risks of remote working!