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We offer cost-effective IT solutions and IT services management in Moreno Valley, California for various organizations. We monitor the health and connectivity of your system to ensure minimum downtime and maximum productivity that will save you money in the short and long term. With our services, you can focus on your business goals rather than worry about failing IT resources or IT security issues.

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Provide IT services that increase our client’s productivity and bottom line.

About Us
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What our clients say About Us

  • Dr. Suzette M, Psy.D.

    Dr. Suzette M, Psy.D. Counseling Director, Mental Health Center

    We are a Mental Health organization and have been working with Advise IT for a long time. With them, we found a partner that helped us streamline our technology from our computers to phone systems. They keep us informed about our technology needs periodically, so no second guessing. What we like about them is we can call them anytime for technology consultation before we decide to make significant investments. They take time to explain technology jargons in layman terms, so we understand exactly how things will work out.

  • Mr. David M

    Mr. David M. CEO/Administrator, Foster Family Agency

    We are extremely satisfied with services provided by AIS. Our association with AIS is fairly new but I am impressed with their professionalism and can-do attitude. They fix out issues on time. What we appreciate even more is that they fix most issues without affecting our employees time. If an issue demands them to come at our facility, they can dispatch someone in reasonable time. So far it has been a perfect fit. We look forward to our partnership for foreseeable future.

  • Mr. Neal Q.

    Mr. Neal Q. Financial Planner, Financial Advisory firm

    As a financial firm, regulatory compliance and client information security is extremely important to us. First thing AIS did, was to overhaul our security infrastructure. Before AIS, we were under impression we are sufficiently protected until they showed us all the loopholes they found while doing our infrastructure "IT Security Audit". They created a 1-year technology roadmap that closed these loopholes based on the significance of threats they posed. What I find reassuring is that they still perform these assessments periodic to proactively handle latest threats.