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Ensure constant communication within your business through our email solutions.

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  1. Every business depends on email messaging. You need a reliable IT company to ensure that your email systems experience no downtime, and should a failure occur, the IT company must be able to support your employees.
  2. Email has come a long way and has become a lifeline for any business including yours. Employees are increasing using email to communicate business operations more so than phone calls, text, social media or any other form of communication.
  3. Any interruption in your email system can be chaotic and costly for your business. You need a reliable email platform and IT company, one you can count on to consistently deliver emails to your clients, vendors and contacts.
  4. We have a variety of email solutions for businesses of all sizes, a one-man operation to large corporate environment.
  5. We provide both Microsoft email offering as well as Google Apps.
  6. Email security has become as important as email communications. Spam, ransomware and phishing are very real threats—and the primary way they get into your system is by email. We manage and maintain anti-spam and antivirus software to keep your vital communications protected.
  7. While we manage email solution and security, you’ll have more time to focus on the important things. We’ll remotely monitor your email environment to ensure your communications are delivered securely and efficiently.
  8. We work with tier one security vendors and aim to strike the right balance between security and performance when it comes to email security. Our email security solutions are designed not only to protect you against spam, virus and phishing but also to ensure your critical business data is encrypted to stop unintentional data leakage and make compliance easy.
  9. We have solution to provide HIPAA compliance to your email system.
  10. With enhanced email security, you will reduce your IT burden, increase staff productivity, improve compliance and provide better support to your employees so they can focus on what they do the best.