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Our services are designed to help you in improving your IT systems and providing solutions to your specific IT needs.

Our primary services include but is not limited to providing small and medium businesses (SMB) with IT services management in Moreno Valley, California. With Managed IT, an SMB will contract with us to maintain their IT infrastructure. Infrastructure would include hardware and software as well as providing support to client’s end users with day-to-day operation.

Services Offered

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Managed Security ServicesKeeping your organizational systems secure

From common threats to more advanced cyberattacks, our managed security services combine advanced detection technology, vulnerability management, and expert monitoring and analysis to protect your network.

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Cloud ServicesCloud-based solutions for your IT needs

Cloud Services can help businesses save money by providing them with access to more scalable and versatile IT services. Furthermore, hardware and labor/maintenance costs can be reduced, while productivity increases.

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Backup and Disaster RecoveryDon’t let important data get lost in an instant

Information is highly essential to any business, and data backups are a vital part of a successful disaster recovery plan. With our Backup Management solutions, we offer backup and recovery services to meet your needs.

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Other IT SolutionsMore IT solutions in store for you!

What does your business need? We offer IT Project Management, Website Development, VOIP Solutions, Productivity Solutions, Hosting Services, among others.

These services will be provided with one low monthly fee. Managed IT may also include, depending on the scope if they want to include, new INSTALLS, MOVE, ADD, and CHANGE.

The scope of our services will depend on what is included. For instance, a client may:

  1. want only one-time engagement where they want some IT related project to be completed. For e.g. they are moving to a new office and want their hardware and software to be moved to a new location OR they want to introduce a backup service for disaster recovery.
  2. OR client may just want remote management of their IT infrastructure
  3. OR client may want remote and on-site management of their IT infrastructure
  4. OR client may want unlimited buffet style services where all IT that can be managed will be included irrespective of the amount of time it takes