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Backup Management

Information is highly essential to any business, and data backups are a vital part of a successful disaster recovery plan. If data is lost, it could negatively impact your business operations. With our Backup Management solutions, we offer backup and recovery services to meet your needs.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is comprised of procedures, tools, and plans that enable the continuation or recovery of vital systems and infrastructure following a natural disaster or cyberattacks. A good disaster recovery plan can help businesses be better prepared for the unexpected.

Minimize downtime

When a server fails or if a planned outage occurs, we can help you minimize downtime, and reduce the risks associated with system downtime as well.

scalable solution

Scalable solutionGrowing as your business grows

Scalability refers to a network or system’s capability to handle a growing amount of work. As your business grows, your network, storage, and infrastructure can grow as well. To meet your needs, we offer scalable solutions that will grow with your business.

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RedundancyProtecting you against data loss

Data Redundancy can help in the prevention of service outages. For instance, if a network were to fail, a replica network could be quickly brought online to minimize downtime and service disruption.

periodic recovery testing

Periodic recovery testingEnsuring that your disaster recovery plan runs smoothly and effectively

To make certain that our clients are protected, we offer Period Disaster Recovery Testing. This is performed to validate the feasibility, efficacy, and efficiency of a business’ disaster recovery plan and business continuity.

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HIPAA and PCI compliant data centerEnsuring data center security and compliance

We are a HIPAA and PCI Compliant Data Center. We will make certain that your sensitive data is protected using the most innovative, stringent security requirements, keeping you safe from penalties and liabilities.

Customized Solutions for Your Unique NeedsMore Solutions

Timely Notifications

Let our expert IT team attend to the technical glitches of your server and workstation operations. With our assistance, you can focus on what you do best as an organization.

Backup user devices

Backup User Devices refers to storage devices or facilities used for storing copies of backup data. Backup devices enable the management, restoration, and retrieval of backup data for any individual, server, application, or any computing device.

Remote access

We can provide our clients with Remote Access capabilities. With remote access capabilities, employees will be able to work offsite, such as at home or in another office location, while still having access to the main office network.

Customized backup frequency

Backup frequency refers to how often the backup occurs. With our Customized Backup Frequency service, you can set a schedule for how often you want your data to be backed up.

Onsite or Cloud backup

Onsite backup refers to storing data on a local storage device, such as a hard drive, hard disk, and etc. On the other hand, Cloud Backup refers to storing data on an online server, or on the “cloud”.

Business continuity

Business continuity is an organization’s ability to maintain critical functions during, and after, a disaster has occurred. We can help you develop an effective business continuity plan.