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“…It is insurance that if your work productivity stops due to a computer malfunction, we have peace of mind…”


  • “…It is insurance that if your work productivity stops due to a computer malfunction, we have peace of mind…”
  • “…They have managed to create a professional and super informative support system…”
  • “…When COVID-19 pandemic hit, they set up our employees to work from home, at no additional cost.”
  • “…They have given my business amazing service…”


Our team believes in providing service with the following in mind and we are extremely proud that we have not heard a single concern from our clients:

  • We remote in, we fix, and we leave. We protect your data, but we don’t need to see your data.
  • We take data privacy seriously and are fanatics about that.
  • We are courteous and treat well not just the owners of the business, but their employees too with the utmost respect.


During the difficult year of 2020, we are happy to help our clients in various ways including:

  • Within two days, migrated a non-profit to work from home during early 2020 COVID days.
  • Similarly assisted a Mental Health Clinic during COVID in early 2020.
  • Helped customers save $1,500 a month on phone systems.
  • Connect two remote offices to headquarters.

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Does This Sound Familiar? A common scenario faced by many businesses.

Let’s face it. Downtime of any kind, including technology, costs money. When you arrive at work, you are ready to get busy only to find a scary error when you launch your critical application. Sounds familiar? You initiate basic troubleshooting steps while taking angry client calls because your client orders have not been processed yet. Your local computer repair technician cannot help until tomorrow or next week as he is committed today with his other scheduled clients. Searching for another technician on Google leads to similar results. The cost of relying on local technicians is too high, both financially and emotionally.

To avoid this dependency, short of hiring your own computer technician, you can utilize the services of Advise IT Solutions, a local Managed IT Services company.

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Why Managed IT Services Will Save You Money? Maximized Efficiency For Your Staff And Equipment

Businesses can focus on increasing their bottom line if their resources are working at their best. This resource could be anything, including employees, equipment, logistics or IT etc. Advise IT Solutions can at least help you remotely monitor and proactively manage your IT systems so that you can focus on other resources in the company that help grow your bottom line. We provide your business with maximum security against threats, minimize downtime and productivity drops. Depending on your level of contracted services, we become a small but significant catalyst for your growth.

You and your employees only need to call one company for all your covered IT needs. This means more time for you to focus on your business. Imagine your employees not losing countless productive hours and get all the help they need to get back to work?

Advise IT Solutions is essentially a collection of technology geeks that work behind the scenes to keep your data safe, generate solutions to IT problems and keep your software updated. We also give you insights into complex problems.

With over 12,000 tickets handled and counting, we have seen our share of IT issues.

When you partner with us, you are securing availability, ever-increasing expertise, and commitment to your success. We work closely with you to provide the absolute best support and protect your IT investments against costly disasters, taking preemptive action to keep you safe and operational. There is no doubt Managed IT is a better decision than hiring an in-house technician, and we would be delighted to prove it to you.

Benefits To Your Business Prompt Response For Unprecedented Problems

  • You can focus on your business; we focus on making sure your IT runs smoothly. And if there are issues, we take care of them.
  • Save on your IT budget both in the short term as well as long term because your IT equipment will keep humming for a longer period.
  • We are incented to fix the issue quickly because we are NOT hourly.
  • You have an IT resource available without costs of hiring, training, ongoing training, healthcare, retirement, and employee management.
  • As your business grows, we can scale to support those needs as well.
  • We are your ‘go to’ professionals for All-You-Can-Eat covered IT issues.
  • We can assist in making better IT decisions because, over time, we develop a better understanding of your IT interdependencies, avoiding costly bad IT investments.
  • Because of the nature of the Information Technology business, we can always leverage cutting-edge technologies to support you.
  • Unlike your local technician, we do not just fix IT issue at hand but also any other IT issue whether you bring that to us, or we proactively hunt them.
  • We constantly look for weak links in your IT and suggest a resolution to close those holes.
  • Want Work-From-Home set up? We will make sure you have access to all your files in a secured way.
  • We look out to identify impending issues and resolve many of the problems before they happen.
  • Accidently deleted a file? Depending on the solution, we can help restore it for you.
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Break-Fix vs. Managed Services: Why Smart Business Owner are Changing their Approach to IT

Many businesses only call a technician after something breaks, but this is the most expensive way to manage your IT. Download our FREE eBook how to Managed Services can:

  • Reduce business downtime
  • Reduce the chances of major data loss
  • Save you money


We Are Like An Insurance Agency For All-You-Can-Eat Covered IT Issues! Find Out What We Do For Your Business!


As business owner, you focus on your business goals and we work behind the scenes so your employees are productive but have an IT resource should there be an IT issue.

Remote / Onsite Support

Help you quickly without needing to be on-site but onsite visits also included should you need it.

Remotely Monitoring

Monitor your IT network including your Servers and Workstations, so issues can be identified in advance, as quickly as possible.


Every device under managed IT plan will be monitored for security issues and updated regularly. Our tech will ensure your network is secure, protecting you and your business.

Patch Management

We make sure your IT equipment including Server and PC’s operating system is up to date, closing access to known vulnerabilities as soon as possible.


Protect your IT network from outside and inside. We share our best practices with you and your employees so they can work with minimum IT intrusion.

Remote Work

Prepare your IT system for remote work should there be a business need.


We make sure the anti-virus is up to date and take immediate action if an infection occurs.


Provide training when needed to your employees so they are more productive.

Your Virtual IT Helpdesk

You no longer have to pick between supporting your clients or your employee’s IT issues. They only call us regardless if this is major or minor IT issues (e.g., how to set Sleep option), which they would not have as it would at least cost an hourly charge from a local technician.

Data Backup, Data Disaster, & Recovery

Implement a data backup and recovery strategy that includes regular monitoring and tracking of backup statuses. So, if a backup fails, we fix the issue and restart the backups. Ensure the backups are tested periodically.

Email Management and Backup

Managing and backing your Email system (from intentional and accidental deletion) so any issues with email is a phone call away. Implement protections against spam so you can be more productive and focused.


Provide insights into potential problems lurking in your IT system. We continually make new recommendations to improve your IT system.

IT Vendor Management

Manage your IT vendors so you do not have to do geek’s-speak with them, and minimize finger pointing between your IT vendors.

Virtual Chief Information Officer

Technology consulting so you get the best advice possible for your next technology initiative. Receive recommendations on best practices.

Other Services

Perform proof of concept lab test when you just want to test an IT solution before you invest.

Our Staff

We are extremely proud of our staff to provide IT services with respect, you and your employees deserve.

One Monthly Fee

You pay the same monthly flat fee regardless of the number of IT hours we clock.