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What to Do in Case of a Data Leak

Data leaks have become less of an exception and more of a daily occurrence in today’s advanced and interconnected society. One of the largest data leaks so far happened only recently. In April 2021, 533 million Facebook records were leaked. And although you may not have been affected this time around, you’re likely still at … Continue reading

Protecting Proprietary Information

Whether you’re a tech startup with a billion-dollar idea or a makeup guru with a new beauty blending secret, proprietary information is what sets your business apart from everybody else. Regardless of what industry you’re in, you’re going to want to protect your company’s private information from ill-wishing competitors and plotters. Luckily, we at Advise … Continue reading

Why Organizations Still Face Cyber Security Threats

Despite the advancements in cyber security, why are organizations still struggling with cyber threats? What are the common issues that they face? Advise IT Solutions, an expert provider of IT Services in Riverside CA, reveals some of the common cyber security issues faced by organizations (and how you can avoid them). There are multiple sources … Continue reading