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How Data Breaches Can Unintentionally Happen


The popular thinking is that a data breach is caused by malicious hackers, but that’s not always true. Breaches may occur intentionally or unintentionally. Unintentional data breaches occur when people accidentally leak sensitive information to the outside world. Data leaks can just as easily result from a simple oversight by individuals or flaws in a company’s IT services and infrastructure.

Here are some common unintended data breaches reported by IT services management in California:

  • Unauthorized use and viewing

    An employee using a coworker’s computer and reading files without having the proper authorization permissions, for example, can accidentally share information with unauthorized people and cause a breach.

  • Poor or lack of training

    Compromised data can be the result of the lack of training, having no cybersecurity services, or just a lack of implementing good practices in the organization.

  • Protocols not followed or enforced

    Someone purposely not following protocols set by a company or using the information in banned or unallowed ways can cause data breaches.

  • Stolen or lost devices

    An unencrypted and unlocked laptop or external hard drive or anything that contains sensitive information that goes missing or unaccounted for can lead to inadvertent data breaches.

So remember, it does not always mean you are being deliberately targeted by hackers. One of the responsibilities of managed IT services in Riverside, California is to detect these vulnerabilities. Data breach prevention needs to include everyone from end-users to employees. As they say, your organization is only as strong as the weakest link.

Don’t let your organization be the victim of easily preventable data breaches! Strengthen your security with the IT solutions in Moreno Valley, California of Advise IT Solutions today.

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