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  1. Your business depends on IT more than ever. Right IT can not only help you increase productivity from your employees but will also help you provide best customer/client service.
  2. Right IT will help you understand how your employees are performing with respect to your business goals
  3. Right IT will help you understand how your business is performing and servicing your clients/customers.
  4. Our end-to-end security managed services are built to detect, protect and respond to security threats and malicious activity across a broad range of areas.
  5. Our managed IT solution can proactively manage and support your complete IT environment including workstations, laptops, mobile devices, servers and network equipment. Managed Services alleviates the burden of IT infrastructure management on your organization by utilizing intelligent monitoring systems and providing proactive IT support.
  6. Proper configuration and management allow employees to benefit from uninterrupted access to email, databases, accounting systems, and more. We monitor your critical applications and services for errors to minimize potential problems and downtime.
  7. Call us for a detailed IT Assessment to understand where your business IT stands and what right IT services should be.
  8. Look for Managed IT service provider who understands your business goal and not just your IT needs.
  9. We provide best in class professional helpdesk personnel who will be a phone call away.
  10. We monitor and patch your IT infrastructure to provide IT services even before they fail as well as provide on-demand support when your employees need them.
  11. We monitor your IT maintenance logs on regular basis to ensure issues are identified in timely manner.
  12. We perform maintenance tasks with minimum interruption, generally after hours and weekends.
  13. Protecting your data while providing maximum up-time is the most important aspect of our network support, security, and tech services. With us monitoring, managing, and securing your data and devices, you can focus more on growing your business and less on managing the technology your business requires.
  14. Our services include:
    1. Complete Server monitoring (CPU usage, RAM usage, logs, disk space, active directory, etc.) support
    2. Workstation support
    3. Review and update critical patches from your server and workstation manufacturers as well as Windows operating system
    4. Onsite and Remote support for your employees
    5. Server and Workstation optimization
    6. Network management
    7. Security Management
    8. Virus and malware monitoring
    9. Backup and Disaster devices
    10. File storage
    11. Manage Firewall, Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention (IPS) Systems, Endpoint IT Security, Unified Threat Management (UTM), and Intelligent Web Proxy.
    12. Mobile devices
    13. Security vulnerability testing
    14. Compliance with industry standards such as HIPAA and PCI
    15. Other IT assets
    16. Virtual CIO/CTO for your business who you can call to discuss new ideas and pain points as it relates to IT
    17. Advanced monthly reporting as well as quarterly sit-down reviews to ensure we are on track with your stated goals