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Working Remotely? Here Are Work Computer No-No’s to Avoid


From flexible schedules to a more personalized environment, there are many rewards to working from home. However, it can also blur the lines between your personal and professional time. As employees get more comfortable working from home, they also become more relaxed about what they do on their work computer. Regardless of if a company works with an IT services management provider, their employees may put themselves and the organization at risk.

As a trusted provider of IT solutions in Moreno Valley, California, we will share few DON’Ts on work computer you should keep in mind:

  • Saving your personal files on Work Computer.
    When you spend most of the day on your work computer, you may end up getting a few personal errands done in between. However, personal files may get automatically backed up to your employer’s cloud services provider. This shares your personal data, even when you leave the company or lose access to the work computer.
  • Allowing household members to use the computer.
    Allowing family members to look up something online or allowing children to submit schoolwork can compromise compliance. This can also put propriety business data or sensitive information at risk.
  • Logging in to an unprotected network.
    Working remotely means your work environment is flexible. You can work at home or at a coffee shop. However, it is important not to connect to a public network as doing so can compromise your computer. If it is necessary, add a layer of protection by using a virtual private network instead.

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