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Discover the Telltale Signs of a Phishing Email


Phishing emails are a popular fraud method where criminals impersonate legitimate organizations. In most cases, they will include a link in the email where you need to fill in your information. This allows them to steal sensitive information, such as passwords, account numbers, and more. Even with cybersecurity services, employees need to be aware of phishing emails to ensure protection for the organization.

As an established provider of managed IT services in Riverside, California, we will list few signs of a phishing email:

  • A suspicious URL or email address.
    The most common technique used in phishing emails is using a familiar domain that looks identical to the original. A phishing email may make use of your employer’s name or even the organization’s name to trick you into giving out your information. Be sure to review the links carefully and inform your IT services management provider if you receive such emails.
  • Poor spelling and grammar.
    While the occasional typo is normal in emails, an email filled with spelling and grammatical errors is a major red flag. Companies review their content and refine their language before sending emails. Hence, it is highly unlikely that emails are riddled with errors.
  • Asking for financial, business, or personal details.
    Another red flag is when the sender is requesting business, financial, or personal information. Before trusting the email, always double-check with your employer first. You may also initiate a check using trusted channels.

Advise IT Solutions is a dependable provider of IT solutions in Moreno Valley, California. We offer managed security services to add an extra layer of protection for your organization. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to request a free quote for your business.

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