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What to Do in Case of a Data Leak

What to Do in Case of a Data Leak

Data leaks have become less of an exception and more of a daily occurrence in today’s advanced and interconnected society. One of the largest data leaks so far happened only recently.

In April 2021, 533 million Facebook records were leaked. And although you may not have been affected this time around, you’re likely still at risk.

As a provider of Managed IT Services in Riverside, California, we’re determined to help you find solutions to protect yourself and your company from possible threats.

Here’s what you and your business can do right now:

  • Limit Social Sharing

    It might seem harmless to share personal aspects of your life, like birthday or anniversary celebrations. But these posts can give hackers a huge edge, especially if you’re someone who uses your birthday or anniversary dates as passwords.

  • Make Passwords Unique

    Using the same password for different accounts might seem like the best way to remember your credentials. If this makes it convenient for you to access your accounts, the same goes for hackers and scammers.

    What we advise as a provider of professional IT Solutions in Moreno Valley, California is to get a password generator and keepers, such as 1Password (, LastPass (, or Google Passwords (

  • Activate Two-Factor Authentication

    Enabling this feature makes it more challenging for hackers to get into your accounts. Not only do they need your password, but now, they also need your device’s permission to access your profile/account.

    If you’re struggling to get your data security in check, it might be time to consider getting IT Services Management.

At Advise IT Solutions, we strive to provide all our clients and partners the protection and security they need to prevent data leaks, system infiltrations, and many more.

To learn more about our IT Services, contact our office today.

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