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Reasons Why You Need Backup and Recovery Solutions

Reasons Why You Need Backup and Recovery Solutions

Ask anyone who is running IT consulting companies in Moreno Valley, and they’d say the same—not having backup and recovery options is an IT disaster which can strike at any time and it’s one of the biggest mistakes any business, regardless of the size, can make.

As a provider of IT solutions in Riverside, California ourselves, it’s also one we always caution our clients at Advise IT Solutions about. This common disregard about this pretty straightforward advice has led us to develop our very own backup and recovery solution.

Here are three specific reasons why you should choose our Backup & Recovery as your business-class protection for your customers’ servers and workstations:

  1. Convenient Backups

    Recommended by providers of IT services management in California, it is easy to use and easy to deploy.

    • Full hybrid-cloud use – 1 copy local, 1 copy remote
    • Faster backups
    • Longer data storage
    • VMware ESX and Hyper-V are natively supported
    • Full system recovery
    • Capacity for bandwidth throttling
  2. Rapid Restores

    Fully integrated with our system, this allows you to back up and recover at a file-, application, or systems-level—regardless of whether this is for both physical and virtual machines.

    • Quicker restores and less data movement
    • Continuous automatic recovery
    • Restore Exchange environments
    • Virtual disaster recovery
    • Bare Metal Recovery
  3. Outstanding Security

    It can be managed with a secure and multi-tenant console that requires minimal effort to access both backup and recovery statistics.

    • 27001 certified; the highest standard in data management.
    • End-to-end encryption
    • Advanced Encryption Standards (AES)
    • Globally distributed data centers via multiple SSAE compliant and ISO-certified data centers
    • Password-protected

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