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Protecting Your Data on Microsoft Office 365

Protecting Your Microsoft Office 365 Data: A Shared Responsibility

One practice of all successful IT consulting companies in Moreno Valley is enlisting MSP Services to ensure their Office 365 data is safe and recoverable. 

It is not wise to rely on Microsoft alone to protect your data because although the company has default data retention, it is limited. As such, it is your responsibility, along with your provider of IT services management in California like Advise IT Solutions, to ensure data recoverability and retention. 

But what exactly does shared responsibility mean? 

Simply put, this means strengthening and filling out the gaps where Microsoft is lacking. Specifically, it means having: 

  • Full access and control of your data residing in Office 365
  • A copy of your data stored in a different location other than Microsoft 365’s data replication technology. You must also have full data retention, filling out any policy gaps granular and point-in-time recovery options.
  • A security that is on a data-level. This means having protection against internal threats such as accidental deletion, malicious insiders, employee retaliation, and evidence tampering as well as external threats such as ransomware, malware hackers, and rogue apps.
  • Ownership of the data. More than complying with data privacy regulatory controls, industry certifications, and compliance to the HIPPA and the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act, you must also answer to corporate and industry regulations as well as the demands from internal legal and compliance offices.

Our IT solutions in Riverside, California works to protect your data. We offer Backup for Office 365 to secure your Office 365 Exchange™ OneDrive® and SharePoint® data.

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