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Why Backup Data and Disaster Recovery Is Important


The economy today is driven by data. That is why businesses must ensure that their data is protected and recoverable should emergencies happen. Many companies have filed for bankruptcy within a year of experiencing data loss and a 10-day downtime. It is easy to understand why having a backup data and disaster recovery plan is essential.

As a provider of IT services, allow us to share with you our expertise on this subject.

Securing a data backup means your company’s data is automatically backed up regularly. Your files are accessible instantly as the process is done on the internet.

It also provides higher security as your data is stored in a remote, secure location. It is not located within your business or primary storage but is usually in a data center filled with safeguards and advanced encryption tools.

Meanwhile, a disaster recovery plan can help save you money in the long run, especially if you choose cloud-based data management. It can also increase customer retention.

Nowadays, customers expect you to be reliable. Not everyone can forgive downtime and failures as they can move to a competitor easily. So, being able to recover almost immediately can help retain valuable clientele.

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