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How hackers bypass SMS Two-Factor Authentication


Most online users use two-factor authentication every time they try to access something online services or subscriptions. The two-factor authentication allows them to receive a separate passcode from the website to verify their identity, giving them access once verified. In modern times, this method has become an accepted practice to help prevent fraud. Unfortunately, hackers will always try to find a way to get around it, and they have.

A lot of sites use SMS or short message service to send a one-time passcode to a user’s phone. This may sound safe because the phone is always with the user. However, hackers have found a way to redirect the user’s phone number to a device with a different sim card. They use the user’s leaked identifiers and scam the telephone company into thinking that the user has lost the phone.

Since there are also message-mirroring apps nowadays, hackers will only need to get the user’s leaked Google credentials to sync notifications across multiple devices. If the user receives a one-time SMS code, it’s likely that the hackers will also receive it, according to a specialist from IT Services Management.

A more robust way, at least as of today, is to use Multi-factor Authenticator Apps on the smartphone such as those provided by Microsoft (Microsoft Authenticator) and Google (Google Authenticator). However, your choices of Authenticator apps are not limited to these two companies. There are other reputable companies that provide similar authenticator apps. The keyword here is ‘reputable’. So, perform due diligence before you narrow down to an Authenticator App. One additional recommendation. Make sure that, you setup Recovery options on these Authenticator apps. Imagine, if you lose your phone or your phone stops working. You will need these recovery options to setup your Authenticator Apps on a new smartphone. Without that, you will be locked out of your online accounts where you setup two factor authentications.

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