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Data Loss: 4 Causes You Should Be Familiar With

Data Loss: 4 Causes You Should Be Familiar With

Have you ever booted up your computer only to find the file you have been working on is nowhere to be found? You could almost swear that you left the document just right at the desktop screen, but now… it’s gone without a trace! How could that have been?

Well, this article aims to teach you about the possible causes of data loss and how you can prevent it. To help you keep your data safe, the experts from Advise IT Solutions suggest that you should avoid these at all costs:

  1. Not having backup files

    Human error is a common factor in data loss. But it’s not that bad. If anything, this can be easily remedied. All you will need to do is fix your working habits on the computer by creating duplicate files, saving your work regularly, and fixing your workflow. If you follow these steps. you will have an easier time preventing data loss.

    For added protection, you can also make use of cloud storage (which can be regulated by a provider of computer services in California). Just let us know what type of files you need to be kept safe and we’ll help you back up your documents while keeping you protected from data loss at the same time.

  2. Suspicious malware and viruses

    Do you browse the internet frequently? Then you should beef up the security system of your computer. Unbeknownst to you, some of the sites you visit on the regular basis may put you at risk for viruses and malware. Both of which can potentially damage your data and your computer’s operating system at the same time. And if that happens, you can lose a lot of your files! 

    To gain protection more than what your average anti-virus software can offer, you can request us to provide you with IT Services in Riverside CA. Our team of professionals will help you and your files stay out of harm’s way.

  3. Hardware damage

    We often put the blame too heavily on the software that we sometimes forget how the actual components of our computer can be at fault too. For example, a corrupted hard drive can make data recovery almost impossible on your own. And even if you take your device for repair, there will still be a fair chance that your data might no longer be recovered.

    The solution to this grave problem? Back up your files in another storage device often, so that even when the hardware crashes inevitably you wouldn’t lose any data.

  4. Power problem

    If it’s not the software, nor the hardware, then the issue would be the power supply. Since the beginning of time, erratic electrical power has been one of the causes of malfunctions in appliances. And in this modern age, it has been known to cause data loss as well.

Protect your system against sudden power outages with an uninterruptible power supply!

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