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Why Organizations Still Face Cyber Security Threats

Why Organizations Still Face Cyber Security Threats

Despite the advancements in cyber security, why are organizations still struggling with cyber threats? What are the common issues that they face?

Advise IT Solutions, an expert provider of IT Services in Riverside CA, reveals some of the common cyber security issues faced by organizations (and how you can avoid them).

  • There are multiple sources of attacks

    Threat vectors vary greatly from one place to another. For instance, a recent survey reveals that email is the #1 source of attacks in Germany, while the web is the most common attack vector in Columbia. Another common source of attacks is software vulnerabilities and USB devices.

  • Cyberattacks are coordinated and multi-stage

    Cyberattack victims reveal that they experienced a broad range of attacks over the past year – including phishing emails (53%), data breach (41%), malicious code (35%), software exploit (35%), ransomware (30%), and credential theft (21%). These statistics provide that multi-stage attacks are now becoming more common. For instance, a phishing email could also install malicious code into your system. This malicious code can then take advantage of a software exploit to install ransomware.

  • They lack the training, time, and technology to implement cyber security measures

    As the numbers indicate above, organizations face a broad range of attacks and need to secure multiple threat sources. A recent survey reveals that, on average, IT teams spend 26% of their time to manage their cyber security. However, this is not true for all organizations. For instance, in Japan, they only spend 19% of their time while India-based organizations spend around 32% of their time on IT security.

    Moreover, given the complexity and variety of threats, 86% of respondents say that they need greater cyber security skills in their organizations. However, bringing in the right expertise to fill in these gaps is a big challenge. 8 in 10 organizations reveal that they struggle to recruit the right skills.

How You Can Protect Your Organization

Whether you are struggling with multiple cyber security threats, or if you don’t have the right people to handle your cyber security needs, allow us to help you. As expert providers of IT Services in Moreno Valley CA, we can help you identify and implement appropriate security measures that can provide your organization with the cyber security it needs.

We are experts at what we do. No matter what cyber security issue you are facing, our experts can provide you with cost-effective, timely solutions that will protect you, your organization, and your assets.

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