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Security That Is in YOUR Control – Passwords

Security That Is in YOUR Control – Passwords

At times, businesses invest heavily in hardware and software to secure their business. While that is very important, it is equally important to ensure that every staff member from Executives down must have a strong password. Hardware and Software security will protect your business from outside, but what if the intruders are already in your network?

Here are a few things you can do to ensure you have strong passwords:

Use a phrase.

  • Around 12 letters long
  • Something simple to remember but hard to crack
  • Can integrate things you like or do to make it more memorable
  • Give an example

Keep each account unique.

  • Never use the same password more than once
  • Give an example (the idea here is to build on your previous example as you progress through each tip)

Play with spellings.

  • Use homonyms
    • Two instead of To
    • Ant instead of Aunt
  • Build on your previous example

Random capitalizations and numbers.

  • Use numbers and capitalizations but keep it memorable
    • If you go overboard, your password will be impossible to remember
  • Idea: Can use a capital letter on the second word of every password
  • Idea: Can use the same number behind the first word of every password
  • Build on your previous example
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