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Types of Computer Vulnerabilities and Security Threats

Types of Computer Vulnerabilities and Security Threats

Computer security threats (and those who use them) are relentless and becoming increasingly invasive. These security threats are constantly evolving – finding new ways to steal, annoy, and harm.

At Advise IT Solutions, an expert provider of IT services management in Moreno Valley, California, we want you to arm yourself with the right knowledge and resources so that you can stay safe against complex and growing computer vulnerabilities.

Types of Computer Vulnerabilities and Security Threats

There are numerous computer vulnerabilities and security threats out there today. Here are some of the most common things that you should watch out for:

  • Computer Viruses

    Computer viruses are perhaps the most well-known computer security threats. A computer virus is a program written to alter the way computers operate, without the knowledge or permission of the user. A virus can replicate and execute itself, damaging your computer in the process.

    How to Avoid Them: Many people believe that free antivirus applications (i.e. those offered with an ISP’s bundled service offering) are enough to protect their computer from viruses. However, these free anti-malware programs usually don’t provide sufficient protection against the ever-growing list of computer viruses and spyware infections.

    Instead of relying on free software, consider installing professional, business-grade antivirus software. Professional antivirus programs update more frequently (protecting your computer against emerging vulnerabilities), they protect against a broad range of threats, and they offer additional protective features as well. It may not be free, but once you consider all of the information that you store on your computer (i.e. personal information, business data, etc.), the cost will be relatively cheaper than what you might lose.

  • Phishing

    Phishers steal sensitive personal or financial information by masquerading as trustworthy people or businesses. Phishers typically send legitimate-looking emails and instant messages. Phishing attacks are some of the most successful data breaching methods used by cybercriminals.

    How to Avoid Them: Having a quality antivirus program can help. Some antivirus programs come with identity theft protection and they can be “taught” to recognize phishing threats. As a concerned provider of IT solutions in Riverside, we want you to educate yourself on the latest phishing tricks and scams. Some phishing scams can be very sophisticated, and it can be hard to tell the difference. However, if you notice any of the following, you may be dealing with a phishing scam:

    • Misspelled URLs, use of sub-domains, and spelling mistakes
    • Requests for confidential personal and/or business information via instant message or email
    • Lack of customized information within the message (i.e. legitimate emails from banks often include partial account numbers, username, etc.)

We Can Help

These are just two of many computer vulnerabilities that you should protect yourself from. If you need professional computer protection and computer system services in San Bernardino, our expert team of IT professionals can help.

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