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Experience Seamless Collaboration with Online Meeting 

Experience Seamless Collaboration with Online Meeting 

From small business IT services providers to big IT consulting companies in Moreno Valley, online web conferences, and web hosting are not only convenient, but they are also necessary. 

Add that to the health crisis and the recent events surrounding it—remote jobs are now a part of the future of work since they are part of the ‘right now’ of work. 

Jobs like these are highly dependent on strong connections to make sure that tasks are accomplished effectively and on time. As the premier provider of IT solutions in Riverside, California, we at Advise IT Solutions have built a turn-key online meeting service that allows seamless collaboration without the need to be at the same place. 

It also boasts live presentations that accelerate sales and marketing activities, real-time or on-demand training, and content sharing support, as well as ease of use for web hosting and conventions. 

Based on your needs, there are multiple packages. Our IT services management in California will ensure you that you will get the most out of your package—all of which are inclusive of: 

  • HD video and audio settings for a richer in-meeting experience to ensure higher engagements.
  • One-click setting to easily collaborate and make real-time edits.
  • Ability to upload PDFs or PowerPoints ahead of time.
  • ‘Connect on-the-go’ feature that allows you to join in easily from phone dial-in or mobile through the help of integrated conference bridge and mobile apps.
  • Customizable company logo and personalized background.

Ready to elevate your engagement and sharing experience? Don’t hesitate to talk to our IT consultant in Riverside, California to get started.

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