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Developing concentric rings of protection

fixing IT issues

Help to guard your operational data and your customer’s confidential information.

There was a time when a business could rely simply on antivirus software and a firewall to secure their systems and protect. That day is gone.

Your business now operates in a threat environment that is more complex than even five years ago. The introduction of technologies such as machine learning and AI may have made business more efficient, but those same technologies have made it easier for cybercriminals to streamline their utilization of a growing array of exploits against your business systems.

Every business needs a layered approach to your data security.

The problem: Where will the next attack strike?

Your business process is made up of many layers that are supported by your IT environment. Advanced cybercriminal tactics can now target each layer individually.

  • Your internet use.
  • Your network
  • Your employees
  • Your applications
  • Your devices

fixing IT issues

Keep your business running at full speed, — let us handle the security

Working with team of IT security professionals can give you the peace of mind to tackle the next phase of your organizational development, landing new deals and expanding into new markets. Offloading IT can help you to focus on increasing your revenue rather than dealing with each IT issue.

Having someone help take over time consuming tasks of security management will be one less thing your office manager or your general manager has to handle.

Whichever IT solution you go with, it should be able to manage security in a cost-effective mannger and must be tailored to the level of protection you need for today’s operations and tomorrow’s growth.

Layered security breakdown.

  • Internet layer – Securing your data traffic.
  • Network layer – Protecting against lateral attack.
  • People layer – Protecting identities and accounts plus employee training.
  • Application layer – Employing proper software management.
  • Device layer – Keeping individual machines from becoming a target.

Why partner someone for IT Management?

  • Like outsourcing payroll services, outsourcing IT reduces costs
  • Avoiding risks posed by new technologies
  • Allowing teams to work safely from anywhere
  • Keeping unplanned downtime to an absolute minimum
  • Protecting proprietary information and confidential client data
  • Peace of mind with data backup
  • Help phone call away; less stress for employees/owner
  • Help when you need rather than a week away
  • Have cyber liability but don’t know what you signed?
  • Insurance policy coverage maybe denied if application incorrectly filled
  • Eliminate having IT staff headache and cost associated with it

fixing IT issues

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