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  1. Faced with economic challenges, many businesses are looking for new ways for staff to not only communicate but also find, reach and collaborate more effectively — all while reducing costs.
  2. Fortunately, telecom technology — IP convergence to Voice over IP (VoIP) and eventually to unified communications (UC) — is a way to accomplish these objectives.
  3. Opportunity to cut costs and increase productivity
  4. Other benefits attributed to the technology include the ability to provide rich media services — presence, instant messaging (IM), video calls and more. And with proper IP connectivity, VoIP offers number mobility with a phone device capable of using the same number virtually anywhere
  5. Additional payback stems from the elimination of unused capacity in individual voice and data lines that often translates into wasted budget dollars
  6. We determine savings in hard costs.
    1. Reduced toll charges from long distance, conference bridges and public switched telephone network (PSTN) service providers
    2. Capital and operational savings from utilizing shared resources for multiple sites and reducing administration tasks
    3. Current maintenance cost increases vs. going to VoIP
  7. We determine soft benefits and related incremental sales increase or loss avoidance.
    1. Increase in staff productivity
    2. Added resiliency and business continuity
    3. New and integrated applications for facilitating collaboration
  8. We understand where the firm is in the cycle of its current telephony infrastructure.
    1. How long is the lease on the current telephony system?
    2. Will the businesses be relocating or opening a new office in the near future?
    3. Are productivity features available that are not found in the present system?
  9. We assess the IT environment.
    1. Is the network ready for voice and data convergence and what will it take to get there?
  10. We train.
    1. Staff and support groups will need to be trained in the new technology