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The right network storage allows easy access and administration of company data and files.

cloud storage digital sync streaming technology

  1. In a traditional small business environment, users save their files on local computers. When they move to another computer, they have trouble in accessing those files. Ideally a user will use USB jump drives to transfer their information between different computers. This causes files to be out of sync on computers they worked previously.
  2. Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a specialized file server that businesses can use as a centralized repository for their user files. Instead of every user writing a file to their local drive, we can configure your infrastructure to save then on NAS. This helps maintain files in one location and in certain hierarchical fashion.
  3. NAS solution come in various sizes to suite any business needs and anyone over a standard Ethernet connection can access the content of NAS. Compared to a general-purpose server serving files, NAS offers faster data access and easier administration.
  4. NAS performance can further be enhanced with Solid State Drive use instead of spinning hard drives.
  5. NAS solutions that we provide include dynamic point-in-time snapshots, replication, thin provisioning, deduplication and compression as well as faster speeds and larger capacities.
  6. Our NAS solutions can be backed up locally as well as in the cloud. Moreover contents can be accessed remotely from your favorite browser, all the while maintaining security and performance.
  7. For businesses that need enterprise scalability, we also provide Storage Area Networks (SAN). It provides highest performance type of storage network. As enterprise grows, they may need to multiple SAN fabrics.
  8. 24/7 Data Monitoring: We monitor your NAS units and the attached servers 24/7. Any failed process generates an immediate alert to our engineers, who often remotely correct errors within minutes of receiving notification.