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  1. According to various studies, 93% of all companies that experienced a disaster and lost their data center for 10 days or more, filed for bankruptcy within one year! What’s more, half of businesses without data disaster recovery plans during this time immediately filed for bankruptcy!
  2. In today’s economically available cloud infrastructure, it is time to stop wondering if you should use the Cloud backup and time to start implementing a plan on how to utilize it. Backup is vital for any organization that needs protection against server failure. After all it is All About Data.
  3. We provide a scalable backup solution.
  4. Our backup solution ensures Redundancy, Remediation and multiple Restore points.
  5. We monitor your backup notifications and log into servers to investigate failure notifications.
  6. To ensure backup quality, we perform periodic backup verification and test restores
  7. We perform a Backup Spot Check to manually verify Read / Write success.
  8. We capture all changes to your initial images periodically. This not only backs up recent datasets but also lets you reconstruct your data at the end of various restoration points. This frequent level of forensic and auditable data recovery may satisfy various regulatory requirements (such as HIPAA) for data retention and data record reconstruction.
  9. We work with clients to develop Disaster Recovery (DR) plans that ensure IT systems can be restored in the event of a disaster. For organizations with a heavy reliance on these systems we can provide off-site or cloud-based DR solutions.
  10. Depending on the recovery requirement, an onsite backup and/or offsite backup may be required. Onsite backup provides quick turnaround for critical systems. While offsite backup provides redundancy and ease of management.
  11. Having onsite backup storage locally available allows us to recover data directly, without having to go through the data transfer bottleneck that the internet creates. This gives us much faster access to recoverable data for our clients, reducing recovery times significantly.
  12. Offsite backup is stored in Cloud. Your data is transmitted to a secure offsite location where it is secured in an encrypted, compressed format. This remote site then replicates the data and creates and secures multiple redundant copies of your data in multiple geographically distinct regions. Your data is encrypted and only you have the key. No one has access at any of the remote storage facilities.
  13. In the event of breach, data loss or ransomware attack, we can rapidly respond and provide a full suite of services including data recovery, server configuration, network re-configuration, investigation and analysis.
  14. Recovery involves, taking a timestamped copy of the server and restoring before the point of failure. Recovery can be as granular as required. For e.g. a single file can be recovered or set of files or an entire workstation or server.
  15. Business Continuity services are different from backup in that you host your main server, or a copy, with your business applications running at an off-site location. If something happens to your main location, you simply login from home, a hotel, an airport, or wherever and keep working.
  16. We can design a backup, recovery and business continuity solutions for all types of businesses.