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We provide anti-virus and anti-malware solutions to keep your data, servers, and workstations protected.

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  1. Protecting your system against viruses and malware is like dealing with a moving target. Once an antivirus program knows how to block known malware, suddenly a new, unknown threat appears to potentially infect your workstations and servers.
  2. Our Managed Antivirus can help your system proactively stay ahead of all malware threats, both known and emerging. Managed Antivirus not only keeps your network’s security up-to-date with protection against the latest known threats by using traditional signature-based protection, but it also protects against new viruses by using sophisticated exploratory checks and behavioral scans of your system.
  3. We perform Signature-based scanning and threat detection that work to block all known threats.
  4. We also perform Heuristic checks that protect against previously unknown threats using heuristic checks and detects unrecognized viruses in a sandbox environment away from a business’s core systems.
  5. We continuously perform real-time monitor ongoing scans of your system to help detect programs that perform behaviors and actions commonly associated with malware exploits.
  6. All these checks are lightweight scans which reduce the size of scans while ensuring that system resources can maintain high-performance levels.
  7. We deploy scans that are more precise and will reduce the number of false positives.
  8. The scans are deployed using various scheduling options such as deep scans for off-hours, so we don’t disrupt employees during important productive hours.
  9. No managed antivirus solutions will effectively work if antivirus/malware solution is not updated regularly. To ensure they are updated periodically, we update your systems after hours to minimize the impact on system resources.
  10. Even when visiting reputable websites, the inadvertent downloading of resource-draining malware is likely. We’ll keep your systems clean by providing real-time protection and scheduled system scans.
  11. Viruses and malware are a constant threat and no network security plan would be complete without protection. We have enterprise-class PC and server solutions to defend your business from these threats.